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List of NEWSLetter articles from No.117 onwards.

NEWSLetter 117 (Winter 2011):

  • A Walk Around Greywell CBA Festival of Archaeology, July 2011.
  • Display at Princes Mead, Farnborough. CBA Festival of Archaeology.
  • Visit to Bramshill House. Heritage Day Sept. 2011.
  • Fancy Going to the Electric To-night? The Empire Electric Theatre, North Camp.
  • Snippets: Guildford Museum, IFA Decision, Tower Hill Progress.
  • September Member’s Evening: Croydon Airport, Pompeii, Agrimensur, the Roman land surveyor.
  • St Peter’s Church, Farnborough. 250 Years of history in the Crypt.
  • Book Review: Semi-Detached London.

NEWSLetter 118 (Spring 2012):

  • 23 Tower Hill – Report.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Annual General Meeting 2012.
  • Notes from an Exhibition Images of Surrey by John and Edward Hassell.
  • Flint Knapping with Karl Lee. Including photos of items produced.
  • Vi Scregg – A Tribute.
  • Review: Technology and Survival in the Iron Age
  • Greywell ‘The Old Manor House’, ‘Garden Terrace’ and ‘Shrunken Village’.
  • Local Studies Report. Admission Register, Churchwarden’s Accounts, Rates and Land Tax Assessments.
  • Snippets. CBA Festival dates, ‘Finding the Road’, Back to School, Hill House Pottery.
  • The Local Electric Theatres. Photo of Empire Electric Theatre from Jo Gosney’s collection.

NEWSLetter 119 (Autumn 2012):

  • Pottery Display at Fleet Library. An exhibition of medieval/post-medieval pottery.
  • Review - Wessex Film Archive. A presentation in May given by David Lee.
  • Greywell Survey. The first joint survey with BARG.
  • Review – Roman Provence. An illustrated talk given by Tony and Virginia Wright.
  • Snippets. Finds by metal detectorists near Odiham, Rosemary Rawcliffe’s talk on Workhouses, Field-walking in the grounds of Farnborough Abbey.
  • Visit to Farnham Castle as part of CBA Festival 2012.
  • Review – ‘Comely Grace’ a novel set in the English Civil War around Farnham.

NEWSLetter 120 (Winter 2012/13):

  • Heritage Centre re-opens in Camberley.
  • Don’t Ask How To Pronounce the Names! The Archaeological Sites of Mexico - impression of John Wall's NEHHAS talk of Fri 25th January.
  • Ginny Pringle - Excavations at Holybourne Down. Given on Thu 24th January in Farnham.
  • Counterfeiting in Roman Britain A.D.43 – A.D.410 Talk given by Hugh Williams on Fri 22nd Feb.
  • Annual General Meeting to be held on 22nd March 2013.
  • Borderware Pottery Analysis.

NEWSLetter 121 (Summer 2013):

  • Ye Old Farm, Highgate Lane. Farnborough.
  • Report on Heckfield 1991-2003 to be written.
  • Reviews: Medieval Pottery and the Transition to Post Medieval Production.
  • A Tale of Two Exhibitions.
  • Odiham Castle – Discussion Evening.
  • CBA Festival of Archaeology, July 2013 – NEHHAS Events:
    Visit to Greywell Hill House.
    A walk from Greywell along the Basingstoke Canal.

NEWSLetter 122 (Winter 2013/14):

  • Report on the Pottery Exhibition at Aldershot Museum. History in the Making.
  • NEHHAS Reference Pottery Lists are to go on our Website.
  • News of further surveying at Greywell in June 2014.
  • Reports on the various talks:
    Sep 2013, 3 short talks by NEHHAS members: Derbyshire Well Dressing, Chatsworth House, Woollaton Hall and Kelham Island Museum.
    Lesser-Known Aldershot.
    Second World War wreck site in the Red Sea.
    Oct 2013: Is it a Hill Fort or a Hill Top Enclosure?
    Dec 2013: Thames Valley Archaeological Services excavation at the Elizabeth House in Oxford.

NEWSLetter 123 (Summer 2014):

  • From Hunting Lodge to Folly de Grandeur. King Henry’s Hunting Lodge
  • The Viking Exhibition at the British Museum.
  • Current Archaeology Live! 2014.
  • SHERDS Report Publication. Local pottery handbook.
  • Other News.
    Further joint NEHHAS/BARG Geophysical Survey at Greywell.
    Directory of Local History & Archaeology.
    University of Reading “Town Life” Project at Silchester. Final year.
    Basing House excavation (coinciding with the 2014 CBA Festival).
    Lives of the First World War. Website.
  • Review of Recent Talks:
    Jan 2014: Egypt – Off and On the Beaten Path! John Wall.
    Apr 2014: Travels in the Balkans. Pam Taylor.

NEWSLetter 124 (Winter 2014/15):

  • Greywell Survey 2014.
  • Building Watch in Aldershot
  • Other Items of News:
    Computer Migration.
    Fleet Library Heritage Centre.
    Our Library move from Archaeology Centre, Bagshot.
  • Review of Recent Talks.
    Sep 2014 - An Introduction to the Anglo-Saxon Charters
    Oct 2014 - Reading Abbey
    Nov 2014 - Down the Memory Line – Railways on Old Picture Postcards
    Dec 2014 - Members Talks: Cove Fort, Utah; Woking Palace; Reykjavik, Iceland.

NEWSLetter 125 (Summer 2015):

  • Hill House Pottery, Tower Hill, Cove. Includes 8 photos of items of pottery.
  • Hampshire Cultural Trust. Now operates Hampshire galleries and museums.
  • Rotherwick Ponds. 1988-89 NEHHAS Survey.
  • Other Items of News.
  • Review of Recent Talks:
    Jan 2015 - Turkey, Crossroads of the Continents
    Feb 2015 - The Romano-British Site at Flexford

NEWSLetter 126 (Winter 2015/16):

  • Visit To Guildford Museum Stores. Photo of Pottery Sherds.
  • A ‘New’ Pottery Kiln at the 17th Century Village, Gosport.
  • NEHHAS Neatham Excavations (1971). Initial Analysis Of Bones. includes 2 Tables.
  • CBA South-East Conference - Life in the Mesolithic, etc.

  • Other news - Badshot Lea Storage and NEHHAS Committee Changes.

NEWSLetter 127 (Summer 2016):

  • Obituary - Geoffrey Stanley Hoare
  • Dig Basing! First weekend’s Trial Pits.
  • Silchester Excavations – 1997-2015. Report of talk by Professor Michael Fulford.
  • Emperor Napoléon III. Short biography of ‘our’ Napoléon, buried in Farnborough.

NEWSLetter 128 (Winter 2016/17):

  • Clay Tobaco Pipes - ‘The Grove’, Heckfield. Includes drawings.
  • Report on Heckfield Excavations. 3 photos of finds. Report In course of preparation.
  • Planned Visit by Meudon’s Historical Society.
  • Dig Basing! 2016-17. Presentation deferred.
  • Industrial Archaeology.
  • Other News: Crossrail Exhibition & Three Roman Houses discovered in Chichester.
  • Accounts of two Recent Talks in Farnborough:
    Oct 2016 - The Country Houses of North East Hampshire.
    Nov 2016 - Recollections of a Deportee to Germany During WW2.

NEWSLetter 129 (Summer 2017):

  • Fruit Tree Labels - The Grove at Heckfield.
  • RAE Heritage Walk - Our CBA Festival 2017 Event.
  • Cove Brook Family Fun Day.
  • A Brief Note on Wells.
  • Recent Talk: ‘The Industrial Revolution’ plus a footnote on local family connection.

NEWSLetter 130 (Winter 2017/18):

  • Rushmoor – Meudon Twinning Visit.
  • CBA Wessex Annual Conference.
  • Obituary - Don Woollhead
  • Visit to the London Mithraeum
  • Dig Basing! - News.
  • Talks - Chobham & Northern Italy

NEWSLetter 131 (Summer 2018):

  • Excavations - Past and Present:
  • 1. Journal Vol. 8 - The Grove
  • 2. Notes on Odiham By-Pass Finds
  • 3. Dig Basing! - BAHS Presentation
  • 4. BAHS Worsley Hall Dig
  • Mychett Pottery
  • Other News: Maisie Hoare
  • Extraordinary General Meeting
  • Pottery Heritage in Cove
  • Talk Review: Minley Manor History


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