23 Tower Hill, Cove. 6/4R

Rounded Bowl (CBW): Regular stab marks around rim; rim dia. 19cm

ditto. 1/10R

Plate or Dish (BORDO):Flanged rim, dia. 38cm

ditto. 51/3R

Shallow Bowl, Decorated (BORDG/Y): Polychrome glazing with incised wavy line and dots on rim; dia. 20cm

Outsheet Farm (72) 2/12R

Warming Pan. Rim fragment (BORDY): Pierced square holes in body, rim dia. 8cm

ditto. 4/33R

Chicken Feeder, fragment (BORDY); two concentric rings, yellow internal glaze.

ditto. 4/9R

Flanged Dish, Rim, Stamp and Line Decoration (BORDY)

ditto. 1/3R

Mug, Decorated (BORDB); base sherd, part handle, criss-cross incised

ditto. 1/4R

Mug (BORDO):Semi- complete with handle, three incised grooves, base dia. 7cm

ditto. 1/2R

Mug (BORDB): Base sherd, dia 9cm, green internal/brown external glazes with poppy head decoration

Peabody Road (87) 1/2R

Honey Pot (RBORB): Complete, small internal corrugations, rim dia. 5.5cm

Old Court House, Cove 1/1R

Chamber Pot Type 1 (BORDG): Complete, single cordon under rim, Ht. 15cm, Dia. 14.5cm

Ship Lane (76) 7/31R

Bung Holes (CBW): With body attachments

ditto 7/29R

Rims with Strap Handles (CBW): Variety of slashes and stabs, some green glaze,

ditto 7/71R

Frying Pan, Handle (CBW): Stubby, max. handle dia. 4.7cm, Pan rim dia. 28cm

ditto 6/6R

Straight Sided Skillet, Type 2 (BORDY): Semi-complete with splayed foot, handle and lip, 2 grooves under rim, rim dia. 8cm

ditto 1/1R

Flared Bowl (CBW): Rim slopes down externally slightly, dia. 45cm

Hill House Pottery, Cove (73) 3/3R

Pipkin or Cup, Handled (RBORC): With curved solid stem handle, internal clear glaze, rim dia. 7cm


BORD - White Border Ware; BORDB - Brown glaze; BORDG - Green glaze ; BORDO - Clear glaze; BORDY - Yellow glaze; CBORD - ; CBW - Coarse Border Ware; RBORB - Red Border Ware; RBORC -

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