Outsheet Farm (72) 1/11R

Flanged dishes, decorated (BORDY): Rim sherds, diameters 32 & 40cm, wavy incised decoration on rim

ditto. 3/2R

Pedestal Bases (BORD & BORDG): Base diameters 6cm & 8.3cm

23 Tower Hill, Cove 51/4R

Dish, flanged (BORDG): Rim sherd, diameter 48cm

ditto. 14/2R

Dish, flanged (RBORC): Rim sherd, diameter 38cm

ditto. 51/9R

Skillet, Rounded (BORDY): Body and single foot, rim dia. 14cm

Hill House Pottery, Cove 5/9R

Dish, shallow (RBORC): Complete. Rim diameter 17cm, clear int. glaze

ditto. 8/1R

Platter, divided (RBORC): Semi-complete assembled, dia. 30cm, clear int. glaze

ditto. 3/1R

Cup or Pipkin, Handled (RBORC): Curved solid stem handle

Ship Lane (76) 6/23R

Cistern, body sherds( CBW): Body sherd with combing around neck, sherd with vertical slip cordons, olive ext. glaze

ditto. 12/26R

Strap Handle (CBW): Green external glaze

ditto. 9/52R

Flask, modern: Ethnic, almost complete, painted decoration, Height 12cm

Romayne Close, Cove (72) 3/15R

Handle, Warming Pan? (BORDY): Grooved over entire length, 12.5cm long, dia. 3cm

ditto. 3/13R

Mug, Type 3, Rim, Body & Handle (BORDB): Rilliing decoration, rim dia. 8cm

ditto. 3/1R

Mug, Type 1, Base & Handle (BORDB): Incised criss-cross hatch decoration, base dia. 5cm


BORD - White Border Ware; BORDB - Brown glaze; BORDG - Green glaze ; BORDO - Clear glaze; BORDY - Yellow glaze; CBORD - ; CBW - Coarse Border Ware; RBORB - Red Border Ware; RBORC -

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