Outsheet Farm (72) 1/8R

Chafing Dish (BORDB): Rim sherd with handle, diameter 20cm (Ref. Border ware p60, Fig. 31, 191B)

ditto 4/1R

Small bowl/Jug with lip (BORDY): Semi complete, diameter 9cm, Ht. 5.4cm

ditto 2/13R

Colander Rim (BORDY): Rim sherd, pierced holes, internal yellow glaze, Rim dia. 29cm

ditto 5/24R

Large Bowl (RBORC): Pie crust decoration under rim, rim dia. 26cm, clear internal glaze

ditto. 4/40R

Base/Body Sherd/Poppy Seed Decoration (BORDY)

ditto 4/14R

Assorted Rims/Assorted Glazes (BORD): including seed head, pie crust and rouletting decoration

ditto 4/35R

2 Condiment Dish Sherds: One with rim & part handle, green internal glaze (BORDG): One with rim & handle, yellow/clear internal glaze, handle glazed brown (BORDY/B)

ditto (72). 2/6R

Pipkin Base (BORDO): Showing considerable kiln debris internally from kiln explosion

23 Tower Hill, Cove (Box A)

Saucer Candlestick (BORDY): Complete, yellow glaze

ditto 1/13R

Dish, Flanged (BORDY): Rim sherd diameter 38cm, yellow internal glaze

Oriel Cottage (74) 1/45R

Rims assorted (BORD): With assorted glazes, Diameters 13-22cm

Southwood House (13) 1/5R

Handles, Porringer/Skillet? (RBOR): Solid and curved

Highgate Lane (76) 1/9R

Corrugated Beaker (EBORDG): Rim & base, Ht. 7cm, Base 10cm, Rim 12cm

Ship Lane (76) 2/9R

Lobed Cup (CBW): Rim sherd with handle spur & internal pinch

ditto 1/25R

Carinated Cup Bases (EBORD): Diameter 6cm

ditto 6/4R

Candlestick, Upright (BORDY): Yellow glaze down to drip tray

ditto 6/16R (part)

Fuming Pot (BORDG): Rim, top section, 4 holes below rim, diameter 10cm

ditto 4/1R

Pedestal Jug (EBORDO)

ditto 6/5R

Money Box (BORDG): Semi complete, base, body and knob, green glaze to top half, max diameter at raised rib 5cm, knob in form of hat

ditto 7/39R

Bowl, Flared (CBW): Rim sherd, diameter 55cm

ditto 8/6R

Carinated Cup sherd (CBW): Pedestal Base sherd

Ship Lane (76) 7/25R

Strap Handle (CBW)

Hill House Pottery (73) 8/2R

Kiln Rings, Assorted Sizes (RBOR): Diameter range 5.5cm - 16cm

ditto 8/9R

Dish, Shallow (RBOR):Unglazed rim sherd with rouletting to edge of rim, external body completely notched with 7 rows of square ended tool marks, Rim diameter 20cm

ditto 3/9R

Egg Baker? (RBORC): Rim diameter 8cm, handle spur and base sherd, glaze discoloured and could be green

Romayne Close (72) 3/20R

Flanged Dish, Pie Crust Rim (BORDY): Rim diameter 30cm, clear internal glaze

ditto 1/8R

Costrel, Lug and Neck (BORDG): Rim diameter 2.7cm, external light mottled green glaze


BORD - White Border Ware; BORDB - Brown glaze; BORDG - Green glaze ; BORDO - Clear glaze; BORDY - Yellow glaze; CBORD - ; CBW - Coarse Border Ware; RBORB - Red Border Ware; RBORC -

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