North East Hampshire Historical
& Archaeological Society


All about NEHHAS.

The society was founded in 1970 as a part of the Royal Aircraft Establishment social club. It was formed from a nucleus of members who attended local WEA courses in archaeology and history. It took the name "North East Hampshire Archaeological Society" until 1972 when it was changed at the AGM to "Farnborough District Archaeological Society". At this time it also became open to non-RAE persons. Later in the decade it embraced local history interests by changing its name again to its present form: "North East Hampshire Historical and Archaeological Society", NEHHAS.

During the first few years society members were involved in a number of "rescue" digs as a result of road-building (e.g. M3 extension, Alton By-pass) and town re-development. Small-scale excavations were also carried out at local sites (e.g. Cock-a-Dobby Hill, Romayne Close, Tower Hill and Ship Lane). The latter was the site of a pottery and yielded many examples of the local "coarse-ware". For many years the Society was involved in searching for the routes of Roman roads but in 2009 we ceased this activity. A journal giving details of our endeavours, "Finding the Road", is available on our Publications page.

Members also attended courses and seminars and the society regularly held talks at which guest lecturers or members presented slides and/or artefacts of archaeological and historic interest, either local or from further afield. Field-walking trips were organised, evening activities included artefact and pottery sorting and marking. We monitor sites under development and have carried out a ‘watching brief’ which resulted in a rescue dig at Tower Hill in 2009.

The society maintains a substantial library of books, maps and documents to which members have access and issues at least two newsletters per year. The AGM, at which the committee report on the past year and candidates seek election to office, is held in each spring. During the summer there is usually an outing organised to a site or museum of interest. NEHHAS members also take part in joint activities with other local groups.

The Society has organised several events to coincide with the CBA Festival of British Archaeology including in 2011, a display in Princes Mead Shopping Centre. Two events were held for the CBA Festival in 2012, one a survey at Greywell and the other a visit to Farnham Castle and Bishop’s Palace. In 2013 we enjoyed a canal walk from Greywell visiting Odiham Castle. In 2014, although not during the CBA fortnight, we carried out a second survey at Greywell in conjunction with Berkshire Archaeology Research Group. During the summer of 2015 a display of border-ware pottery was arranged in Fleet Library.

See our Recent Events page for notes on this years activities.


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