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Borderware is the collective term used to describe the pottery made and fired at kilns situated on the Hampshire - Surrey border from the post-medieval period right up to the late 19th or early 20th century.

3 broken pots

(Figure 1 shows Redware bowls from Hill House Pottery, Tower Hill, Cove).

Most of the Hampshire potteries were in Farnborough and Cove and in the period 1550 to 1700 they were the principal suppliers of domestic wares to the London market. Borderware pottery sherds have also been found at excavations of early settler sites in Virginia, USA.

Locally, there is a surprising lack of awareness of this historically important activity. A few years back, NEHHAS prepared three posters as an educational aid. The posters (as PDFs) can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link below (use BACK or DONE button to return to this page):

Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 3


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